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What you need to know about Asbestos
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Do you know where asbestos may be in your home?

Andrew from ProConsult Building Inspections offers some practical advice on asbestos, including when it was used in house construction, where you may expect to find it in your home, and why it isn’t always a cause for concern.

ProConsult include asbestos inspection as part of our Combined Structural Maintenance Safety Asbestos Termite Inspection. Knowing that it’s there is the most important aspect of asbestos safety, and we can help you find where it is.


Asbestos was phased out in WA between 1977 and ’85, so after ’85 basically there was no more asbestos installed in any homes.

However, prior to that yes every home in WA had some sort of asbestos, either in the fencing, eaves, all of the wet areas, the kitchen, the laundry ceilings, the laundry walls, bathroom walls – were all asbestos.

Some people get too worried about it, and at the end of the day if treated properly, if sealed and painted, asbestos is inert. It’s just knowing that it’s there and knowing how to treat it going forward.