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What to look for in a Building Inspector
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Whether you are buying or managing a home, buying or managing commercial property, or in need of an experienced chartered builder for consulting services, ProConsult Building Inspections has you covered.

Thinking of putting an offer on a house?

Finding a qualified Building Inspector with enough industry experience is crucial to uncovering potential issues with the building. A Building Inspector without a well-rounded knowledge of all areas of the building process could possibly give an inaccurate assessment of the property.  This could cost you thousands of dollars that you haven’t accounted for in your budget.  However, a thorough inspection, could save you similar amounts.  We want you to have the knowledge to be able to negotiate from a strong position.

Not all Building Inspectors are created equal, and a house is the single biggest purchase you will make in your life. You need to know what you’re buying, and you won’t get that from an inexperienced Building Inspector.

So, before you book your building inspection, watch this 90 second video from Andrew Scales. It could save you thousands of dollars and years of grief.


You need to be a minimum of a registered builder. You need to understand everything about structure, knowing all of the building maintenance, knowing about any termite issues or possible hazards, knowing all the safety components with electrical, plumbing and all your mechanical items, to give an honest, proper opinion.

To the Building Commission ruling, an actual tradesman – he could be 21 years old, after a week’s course he can get given a four-digit number. He is then considered a qualified building inspector.

78%, has been proven in W.A. doing building inspections at present, are not properly qualified, not properly experienced, not registered builders, and many of them not insured. It certainly is buyer beware when it comes to choosing proper building inspectors. There’s NOT many professional building inspectors in W.A.

I’m lucky I’m very passionate about building, I’ve been passionate about building as long as I can remember. I started carpentry and building things at 14 years old and I live and die building. It’s a massive passion to me – that’s all I’ve ever done.