What should I do with my inspection report??

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What should I do with my inspection report??

Yes, this is a serious question.

The very first thing you should do with your report is READ it. Yes, read it. ALL those words, ALL the pages. You do need to understand what it says.

If you don’t understand anything – please CALL Andrew so he can explain further. He may also help if you can’t figure out the impact it may have on your purchase contract.

If there are any purchase ramifications, you will need to SEND a copy to your settlement agent as well as the selling agent, so that the works or compensation can be sorted out. Once again, Andrew is always at the end of the phone to help anyone with figuring this part out.

So that is the big stuff out of the way.

We have never issued a report with zero maintenance items on it. So the chances are pretty high, that there will be items on there that need some attention from you when you do move in. We suggest having another read once you have finalised the sale, and prioritise the work that you are going to have to attend to yourself.

Ceiling joist eaten out

If a termite treatment has been recommended, get onto that – possibly even before you move in… Termites work quickly and if the risk has been assessed as moderate to high – wouldn’t you rather be safe than sorry!?

If areas of water ingress have been identified – have these looked at by a professional. Water is ruthless and also causes damage very quickly.

Anything identified as MAJOR in your report means that continued use of that element will be certain to cause deterioration. So make sure you understand the implication of any of these areas.

We are always here for questions, help and guidance. But, please READ and UNDERSTAND that report. It could save you a lot of time, headaches and money.

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