Suspension of building site based services

Building operations in Western Australia are facing a variety of unusual challenges at this time.  Whilst we feel for the builders and the frustration experienced by their customers, their unpredictability is making it extremely difficult to arrange inspections in a planned and systematic manner.  We can no longer afford to have bookings cancelled at the last minute as the building stage has not reached its expected completion.  

We will not be offering building-site based services until we have worked out a solution to this problem.

We are happy to assist with building type activities where the owner of the property is in control of the site.  This will typically include renovations, post-build queries, or maintenance period reviews.

If you are not sure, feel free to email your query to [email protected] and we will be happy to advise.

Building inspector Servicing Perth & Joondalup

Building Stage Inspection

One of the services we offer is to check each stage of the building process to ensure compliance with Australian Standards and Building Regulations.


This can give you the peace of mind that the building process is proceeding as it should and allow any issues to be resolved in a timely manner.


What stages are checked?

All builders are different but the most common building stages are when an invoice is raised for a progress payment. These are:

  • Slab
  • Plate
  • Roof Cover
  • Lock up

There will be additional stages in a 2-storey home but your builder will tell you what their payment schedule is before you begin the building process.

Do I need all the stages?

Possibly not. You may certainly pick and choose individual stages. If you are nearby, you can easily check on some of the stages yourself but we are always available if you require additional peace of mind.

If you are not sure of something when you are having a look around, take a photo, e-mail it through and Andrew will tell you, free of charge, if you need to worry of if it is a (most likely) normal part of the building process.



Can I combine stages?

Possibly. It does depend on the build. Please understand that many areas Andrew would normally check are covered up during the build so it is not always as easy to see or know what has gone on.

Please have a chat if you are thinking of this, or considering skipping certain areas so we can advise on the best ones to skip. Combined stage inspections may incur higher fees.

What is a Practical Completion Inspection?

This is done as the final check before hand over from the builder. For more information see our Practical Completion Inspection service.

Do I receive a report on the progress of my build?

Yes. The day following the inspection you will receive an e-mail showing the items that have been checked along with photos of the progress of your investment.

What do I do if I am worried about something?

You simply call or e-mail Andrew and he will set your mind at ease or make the appropriate follow ups. Photographs can show a lot so take a few photos – close up and standing back a bit so he can see the context, and e-mail them to [email protected]


We make it as easy as possible during a stressful time