Maintenance Period Review

Maintenance Period Review

So you’ve built your own home, exciting times! By now you have had your Practical Completion Inspections (PCI)/Final Builder Handover inspection, and it’s time to settle in.

Time will fly, and you may need to follow up with your builder pretty quickly, to schedule in for the Building Maintenance checks at the end of the ‘maintenance period’. This can also be known as the ‘Defects Liability Period’.

The details are in your building contract, but generally varies between 6 and 12 months. You may need to drive the process, watch your timelines and will need to provide a list of the work you expect them to complete at their maintenance check.

Please note, not every little thing falls in to this area, so you can’t get them to fix the chips on the wall from when you moved your fridge in. They are attending to settlement issues that occur over time as a new build settles in.

We can help with identifying what can and should be fixed and providing you with a list to give to your builder for their attention.