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Whether you are buying or managing a home, buying or managing commercial property, or in need of an experienced chartered builder for consulting services, ProConsult Building Inspections has you covered.

Property Managers are often the in-between person, trying to keep a tenant happy in this competitive rental market, yet at the same time save money for a property owner, who is also struggling to keep their investment in the black. Sometimes they need a bit of assistance to help decide when a proper repair may in fact save money in the long run. This is where we come in.

Andrew can conduct a thorough inspection addressing any concerns a tenant or property owner may have and advise on the most cost effective method of repair, in order to keep the property safe and ensure its longevity. 

Getting to the root cause of the problem is often the issue. We see many instances where several different tradespeople have been called out, often more than once, to band-aid symptoms, rather than fix the actual problem. Sadly the correct repair upfront will often be cheaper than all these trade call outs and will stop the issue from recurring.

Andrew can also oversee the repairs if required, so there is no concern about it being done properly.

We encourage investors to get their properties “health checked” before handing over to a property manager. This establishes a baseline, makes the property manager more confident in knowing what the future is going to hold, and gives them a reference point if tenants are being unrealistic in their maintenance requests, or possibly could be responsible for damage to the property.