Our prices are listed below. It is difficult to give a firm quote but we assume a standard 4x2 type home in reasonable condition and less than 50 years old. If your property is outside these general parameters, we may increase the charge slightly to reflect the increased time the inspection will take. If you are unsure of any pricing element, please get in touch to talk it through.

We operate out of Joondalup and happily include travel within a 50km radius (as determined by Google Maps) in our prices. If you require us to travel any further (up to 75km radius), we will add a nominal $50 surcharge for the additional travel time and costs.

Our charges are invoiced the week following the inspection with a 2 week payment period.  If you would like to extend this or pay at settlement, please get in touch so we can make the appropriate arrangements.

Information is FREE.  If Andrew can help with a quick phone call, or look at a few photos to advise on the best way forward - he will happily to this.  Please e-mail and we will do our best to assist.

Combined Structural, Building Maintenance, Safety Compliance, Asbestos and Termite (white ant/timber pest)

Optional: Add Methamphetamine Testing for $90 +GST per area tested

Methamphetamine Testing (NIOSH 9111)$200+GST, plus $90 +GST each area tested
Combined Structural, Building Maintenance, Safety Compliance and Asbestos

Optional: Add Methamphetamine Testing for $90 +GST per area tested

Practical Completion Inspection (PCI)$375+GST
Building Stage Inspection$250+GST
Assisting Property ManagersSubject to quotation
Commercial Building InspectionsSubject to quotation
Building Consultancy, Contractual Advice and Dispute ResolutionCharged by the hour
Retrospective Building LicensesSubject to quotation
Termite (white ant/timber pest)$200+GST
Use of Termatrac imagingAdditional $100+GST


*** subject to quotation – please get in touch with the basic outline of what you have and what you need and we will give you an idea.