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Our base prices are listed below.  These assume a single-storey standard 4x2 type home (less than 250m2) in reasonable condition and less than 20 years old.  Please note we still inspect properties outside these parameters but the price will be subject to quotation.


If your property is outside these general parameters, please contact us for a firm quote by emailing a link of the property sale listing, or floor plan to  We will no longer be giving verbal quotes without having seen the size and state of the property.


We operate out of Joondalup and happily include travel within a 40km radius (as determined by Google Maps) in our prices. If you require us to travel any further, we will review this on a case by case basis.  There will be a surcharge for the additional travel time and costs.  There may also be a slower turnaround time.


Our charges are invoiced the week following the inspection with a 2 week payment period.  If you would like to extend this, pay in instalments, or pay at settlement, please get in touch so we can make the appropriate arrangements.

Still not sure?

Information is FREE.  If Andrew can help with a quick phone call, or look at a few photos to advise on the best way forward - he will happily to this.  Please e-mail and we will do our best to assist.

Prices are inclusive of GST and subject to the criteria listed above:

Combined Structural, Building Maintenance, Safety Compliance, Asbestos and Termite (white ant/timber pest)$500
Pre-Auction/Sale Structural, Maintenance, Safety and Termite$550
Combined Structural, Building Maintenance, Safety Compliance and Asbestos$400
Stand alone Methamphetamine Testing (NIOSH 9111) call out$200
Optional: Add on to any of the above -
Methamphetamine Testing (per area tested)
Practical Completion Inspection (PCI) - single storey$450
Building Stage Inspection$330
Termite (white ant/timber pest)$220

Subject to quotation:

  • Assisting Property Managers
  • Maintenance Inspections and Reports
  • Building Maintenance Checks
  • Pre-Settlement & Working Order Checks
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Building Consultancy
  • Contractual Advice
  • Dispute Resolution

Please get in touch with the basic outline of what you have and what you need and we will provide a firm quote.

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