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My offer’s been accepted – now what?

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Whether you are buying or managing a home, buying or managing commercial property, or in need of an experienced chartered builder for consulting services, ProConsult Building Inspections has you covered.

Congratulations! You’ve just had your offer accepted on your new home. If this is your first purchase, or you haven’t made one in some time, you might be left wondering “what do I do now?”

Most REIWA contracts will include a Structural Defect and Timber Pest annexure.  If you did include this condition in your offer, this allows you, the buyer, to get an independent inspection on the property to make sure the home is structurally sound and showing no visual evidence of live termites. Most contracts will have the inspections due either within ‘x’ amount of days from acceptance of offer or finance approval, or by a set date.  It is crucial that you check these details and organise your inspections accordingly so you don’t miss the date and potentially waive your right to these inspections.

Here at ProConsult we price each inspection based on the age, size, location and condition of the home to make sure you are paying a fair price for the work involved in doing your inspection and reporting on our findings.  We understand when you are shopping around, you just want quick comparative answers, but we do not believe this is a “one size fits all” commodity.  You are about to outlay hundreds of thousands of dollars so we think it is worth getting a tailor made answer to this question. 

All you need to do is send us an email to with the address of the property and we will have our quote back to you the same day (assuming it is within business hours).  Once we have the go-ahead from you, we will make all the access arrangements with the agent and let you know once everything has been confirmed. If your inspection is due after finance approval and you’ve only just had your offer accepted, it’s still a good idea to reach out early and we can then pencil your inspection for just after your finance is due, to make sure it is done on time. Please note we generally need around a week to make a booking.

Here is our helpful list of what to do once your offer has been accepted:

  • Advise your mortgage broker/bank immediately so they can begin your finance application
  • Research and appoint a settlement agent 
  • Research and appoint your pest and building inspector (check out our blog posts ‘What to look for in a building inspector” and “10 questions you need to ask before you book a building inspector”)
  • Arrange payment of your deposit

Purchasing a property doesn’t have to be a daunting process. Making sure you are prepared and have the right people working with you will make the task much easier.

Best of luck with your new home and we hope to hear from you soon!