Finally – Professionalism in Perth’s Building Inspections Industry

Finally – Professionalism in Perth’s Building Inspections Industry

Andrew Scales has joined with a few other professionals working in the Building Inspections industry to form an organisation to set standards and norms in this otherwise not regulated industry. ProConsult is a Foundation Member of Inspect WA with Andrew serving on the inaugural committee.  They have set minimum qualification standards for members to join the organisation and are busy setting out policies and procedure to protect everyone in the game. 

The active committee are working hard to work out areas where there are differing opinions on the way situations are viewed and reported on and issue position papers for comment and publishing.  Hopefully this will start to give users confidence that similar situations will be reported on in a more uniform manner.

Their mission includes development of legislative guidelines, communication between all stakeholders in the property market and professional development for members.

We are very excited about the possibilities in this area that we have been concerned about for a very long time.  

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