Frequently Asked Questions


How do I pay?

We will send you an invoice the week following your inspection.  This will include our bank details for a simple money transfer.  It will also have a link to pay by credit card, but there is a small surcharge for this.

You may also arrange with us to pay at settlement.  Please understand that this is asking us to extend our payment terms.  We will need to know the details of your settlement agent along with the proposed date settlement should take place.  The best way to do this is to copy us in when you forward the invoice to your settlement agent giving instructions for them to pay on your behalf.

Can I pay by ZipPay or AfterPay or in installments?

As we are in the service industry we do not meet the criteria for Zip Pay or After Pay. The good news is you can still pay in installments without any of the set up fuss.

Just have a word with us, let us know how much you wish to pay each week and we can work with you. You can also choose to pay at settlement if that works for you. Simply talk to us and we will set up a suitable system.

Do you get involved in conflict resolution with a builder?

Yes we do. Andrew has been on both sides of the building relationship and understands the stresses that come about when expectations are not delivered. His Technical & Legal knowledge combined with expert mediation skills ensure a great outcome for everyone involved.

I’m a bit concerned about something on the house I am having built. What can I do?

Just ask. Ideally, take a few photos and send Andrew an e-mail {[email protected]} explaining the situation. He will let you know if there is reason for concern and if so, what to do. This doesn’t cost anything.

Can you assist with my PCI?

Yes! Practical Completion Inspections (PCIs) are the final sign off you do with your builder before the completion of the contract. Many builders prefer a “middle-man” who is working for the client but understands the obligations of a building contract.

The selling agent says I can’t have a building inspection – is this right?

It may well be. It will depend on the conditions in the offer contract you signed. Please see Do I need to do anything when putting in an offer to buy a property.


How long will I have to wait to get the report?

You will normally have the report the next business day. Please let us know if you need it sooner and we will do our best to oblige.

How do I arrange an inspection?

To book an inspection, simply email us at [email protected] and we will do the rest.

You will need the following details:

  • Property address
  • Name and contact details of the agent
  • Your name, phone number and e-mail address
  • Any pertinent information such as the date it needs to be done or if you have any particular concerns.

Do I need to do anything when putting in an offer to buy a property?

This is the tricky part. Your rights and obligations are all tied up when you sign the “Offer and Acceptance to purchase” with the agent of the house seller.

The standard assumption of this document is that you are buying the house “as seen”. That is in the ten minutes you were in the home open. Please ensure any offer you put in is “subject to a STRUCTURAL, BUILDING MAINTENANCE and PEST inspection, to your satisfaction, on all structures on the property”.

Often the standard clause the agents add in is only the structural elements of the dwelling itself and excludes all other areas including garages, pergolas, shed etc.

In the booming property market of the past, people were afraid to add conditions to building offers as they were instantly turned down. The market is different now and it is important to protect yourself.

Do you perform termite or other pest sprays?

No. We only report on what we find. If it is recommended to perform a pest spray, this will need to be arranged independently & we can suggest or recommend the right spray, injection or dusting people for the issue exposed at the time.

We are not trying to sell pest extermination treatments unnecessarily.

I’m buying a new-ish home, do I need a termite inspection?

Yes! Many people think a new home, built of brick, in Perth must be safe. Please see this article about a garage roof structure completely eaten away by termites.

What is more this can fall outside of the “home” definition in the standard REIWA offer and acceptance contract and would not be reason to seek remedy. Please see the details on the conditions in the purchase contract.

Do you offer any free advice?

Lots of it! Building is Andrew’s passion. He enjoys talking about it.

If you have a simple question or would like to double check something, please give him a ring ( 0407 477 600) and talk it through. This is all obligation and cost free. Oftentimes your mind can be set at ease after a few minutes.

What does a report include?

Our standard reports give a comprehensive list of all aspects of the structural integrity of the home along with details of any maintenance or “things you may like to know” that come to Andrew’s attention during his inspection.

Every observation is backed up with photos and a full explanation. In addition to this, Andrew is happy to talk through any issues you are not sure about over the phone.

In tricky circumstances he will visit the house with you and any other interested party to work out a solution. Anything is possible. The idea is to empower you with information and allow you to make informed decisions.

Can I have an inspection before I put in an offer to purchase?

This is called a pre-purchase inspection and we do offer these. You may need to liaise with the seller or their agent to see if this is acceptable to them.

The advantage of this is you know what you are signing up for before you commit to anything. Some agents have these prepared as part of their marketing material to sell a property.

What are my inspection options?

You really can have whatever you like. A standard fully comprehensive combined building, structural and termite inspection will report on the structural integrity of the home and whether or not there are any visible signs of termite activity.

In addition to this you will receive the full details of any maintenance or other building issues that you may like to be aware of. However, if you would like less or more, you tell us, we do it. No fancy packages including this but excluding that. Tailor made for you.

Why are you cheaper than many of your competitors?

There could be many answers to this but they would include:

  • Lower overheads – we don’t pay a large chunk of our income out as franchising fees, we may have lower insurance costs as a result of Andrew’s extensive qualifications and experience and we minimise admin costs by working from home.
  • To be fair. We know we could charge more, but we feel our rate is fair to compensate us for the time we spend doing the work whilst giving you peace of mind.

Yes, but do you perform a lesser service?

Absolutely not. We believe we provide the most comprehensive building inspection service on offer in Perth.



What qualifications do you need to issue a report on structural integrity?

Here’s the thing – you don’t need any! There is no governing body checking the suitability of the qualifications of anyone issuing reports and signing off on building and structural defects or issues. It really is a case of “buyer beware”. Personally, we would recommend that you should check that a person selling you such a service is at a very minimum, a registered builder and holds adequate insurance cover.

All registered builders are controlled and monitored by the Building Commission (formerly Builders Registration Board) which is part of the Department of Commerce. You can find a list of all registered builders here. This also shows how long they have been registered which gives you an idea of the experience they may have had.