Dilapidation Inspections Report

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Dilapidation Inspection Report Protect yourself and your Neighbours with a comprehensive dIlapidation report. Planning a major renovation or construction project? It may be worth having a record of the condition of your or your neighbours properties before you start. Dilapidation reports address the question: What happens if this all goes wrong? A dilapidation report is […]

Structural, Major Maintenance and Safety Inspection

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Simple Building & Pest Inspection The simple one to cover your Contract Conditions If you have purchased a property using a standard REIWA contract subject to a building inspection, this lower level inspection will cover you for anything you can revert to the seller on. It may also be the way to go if you […]

Residential Building Inspections

Building inspector Servicing Perth & Joondalup Structural / Building / Pest Inspection Services Whether you are building your first home or investing in your tenth, buying at auction or through an agent, or perhaps purchasing a commercial unit for your business, ProConsult takes the time and attention to make sure that your dreams do not […]

Pre-Settlement and Working Order Checks

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Building inspector Servicing Perth & Joondalup Pre-Settlement and Working Order Checks Settlement is approaching. Seven days before your offer is complete and settlement is finalised, the Real Estate agent will take you through the property for a Pre-Settlement and Working Order inspection. These are essentially to confirm that the property is more or less in […]

Maintenance Period Review

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Maintenance Period Review Maintenance Period Review So you’ve built your own home, exciting times! By now you have had your Practical Completion Inspections (PCI)/Final Builder Handover inspection, and it’s time to settle in. Time will fly, and you may need to follow up with your builder pretty quickly, to schedule in for the Building Maintenance […]

Pre-Auction/Sale Inspection

Pre-Purchase Building Inspections Perth

Pre-Auction/Sale Inspection Equip your bidders or potential buyers with all the information they need to make an informed purchase decision. An auction can be a daunting experience for potential buyers. Equip your bidders with all the information they need to make an informed purchase decision. Let the bidders know the exact state of the property […]

Comprehensive Building & Pest Inspection

Comprehensive Building & Pest Inspection

Building inspector Servicing Perth & Joondalup Comprehensive Building & Pest Inspection The easiest and most comprehensive way to check everything at once. For most people, buying or selling a home can be pretty overwhelming and confusing. There’s an endless list of things to check and comply with, and if you get it wrong, it can […]

Strata/Leased Property Inspection

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Strata/Leased Property Inspection Strata/Leased Property Inspection We work closely with Property Managers to provide independent reports for: Identifying building issues & defects, producing a scope of works and the costings for any repairs or maintenance required. Strata maintenance lists and approximate costs for budgetary purposes. We would recommend all Property Managers ask property owners to […]

Methampetamine Testing – NIOSH 9111

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Methamphetamine Testing (NIOSH 9111) With the startling levels of methamphetamine use reported in Western Australia, it comes as no surprise that people are starting to ask about the impact. Methamphetamine is a concoction of chemicals also known as meth, speed, ice, shards, glass, crank, crystal meth, whiz and goey. And probably some more we don’t […]